Making of virtual tours 360°

We enable customers to own virtual / <= 360 ° => pass through the space without limits, and that with great time-saving, and automatic time may get the impression corresponds to their real estate (advantage for sellers that parallel to the sale and rent property, and the this way certainly allows more serious potential buyers to see the real estate without physical departure and incompatibility of the one who owns the real estate.

Price of service:

  • 500,00 HRK + VAT (real estate up to 50 m2);
  • 700,00 HRK + VAT (real estate from 51 to 100 m2);
  • 900,00 HRK + VAT (real estates from 101 to 150 m2);
  • price on request (real estate larger than 151 m2)

The price includes the presentation on the portal for a period of one year
** Valid only for the City of Zagreb and its surroundings